Are you smarter than……..a donkey?

God used a story of a man and his donkey to teach me an important life lesson and I want to share it with you. The story can be found in Numbers 22, however I will summarize.

Balaam was going on a trip with some Moabite leaders to see a king (Balak), but an angel stood in the way to try to stop him. There’s a twist! Balaam could not see the angel but the donkey that he was riding could *dum dum dum* . The donkey saw the angel on three separate occasions and strayed from the intended path each time. However on each time the donkey did this, Balaam in his anger gave it a proper beating and got it back on the path he wanted it to take. God then made the donkey able to speak (oh yes He did!) and the angel was eventually revealed to Balaam. The angel then told him that God was trying to stop him and that if the donkey did not turn away, he (the angel) would have killed him and spared the donkey. So that’s basically the skinny on what happened…did I just say skinny? anyway I digress.

 How does this apply to me?

As I read the story I realized that Balaam and I are alike. The donkey being able to see the angel represents God who ALWAYS sees the bigger picture. Balaam represents me wanting things done my way. Sometimes when things don’t work out as planned, I find myself upset with God, even questioning Him. Then I try to do things my way just like Balaam who tried to get the donkey on the path he wanted it to take. Then it hit me, things may not be working out as I have planned because God is trying to protect me from something, it could be impending death, or some serious misfortune and/or disappointment. I can safely say that like Balaam God has actually opened my eyes to many terrible things that could have happened had He answered “yes” to some prayers. 

So guess what? trust God for He doesn’t say “no” because He hates you or secretly wants to kill you, but to protect you…He doesn’t rob His children of anything good (Psalm 84:11) so if He holds it back then it nuh good (it’s not good).

As for me I don’t think I am as smart as this donkey, but that doesn’t matter because the God who runs my life is even smarter, so I choose to trust Him!

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