Clear the Stage!!!!

I don’t usually visit other churches, but this Sunday was different. I had the opportunity to worship at a quaint church in the heart of St.Andrew, Jamaica. Looking around at the attire of the congregants and hearing the names I realized that the church was African based. This was confirmed when I heard the pastor’s accent and  the numerous references to Nigeria.

However while singing African worship songs and eventually trying Jollof rice were interesting experiences I left with much more.

You see I love good music and I find that I often grumble silently when I hear persons on a choir or worship team singing off-key and don’t get me started on the slow singing paces. However the singing at this church wasn’t exceptional, the band was no Rolling Stones, but the worship experience was BEAUTIFUL. The Lord was there and His presence was felt simply because the hearts were ready. While basking in God’s glow I came to the full realization that worship is more than a song.

Yes, melodious singing and an amazing drummer are nice to have, but sometimes we miss the point. We end up worshiping the peripheral things and not the creator (Rom 1:25). If all you can remember from your last worship session is that high note the worship leader hit or the fact that the songs were nice, then you wasted your time and God‘s too. The same applies if all you can do is complain about how the worship sucks because of Sis Joy’s terrible opera. 

God is not impressed by great singing or an outstanding band (Amos 5, Mal 1:10True worship in God’s sight begins in the heart and is resonated in our lifestyle (1 Sam 16:7, Romans 12:1, John 4:24). I invite you to join me in clearing the stage, removing all the things that have clouded our worship for so long. It’s not going to be easy but Christ is our strength and the blessings to be gained will be worth it (Ps 46:1, Col 3:23-24, Ps 5:12)!!

Check out the song below:


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