Clear the Stage…….AGAIN!

ImageWhen I wrote the first post with this title, I actually didn’t plan on writing a part two. However after reading Ezekiel 8 this afternoon, I was challenged even more to clear the stage of my life from the MANY distractions that plague it.

Here’s the story (aren’t you glad I didn’t say “skinny”??? lol), the leaders and some people of Israel were worshiping false idols in God’s temple *cat’s face = my initial reaction*. Image

Naturally this made God furious and He punished them accordingly. As I read the story I was in disbelief, I said to myself “how could they do this?….in God’s temple at that!”. Then a wave of serious conviction came over me.

I began to think about the many times I have entered the temple of God (my church) and my heart and mind were far away from Him. Instead of focusing on God, I focused on the music, the preacher or what I had to do when I got home (like cutting up  chicken -_-). Though my focus on these things may seem mild when compared to people bowing down to the sun (Ezekiel 8:16), God is still NOT pleased.

It’s not just church either, what about in our day to day lives. We are often consumed by the things of this world that God gets pushed to the periphery. Anything/one that takes God’s place is in fact an idol.

Some might argue that God is being unreasonable when He requires all our attention. But is He really? You see when God is jealous of our attention, it is not because He is self-centred or egotistical. In truth, He is jealous because He loves you and He knows that anything that is not of Him will lead to your destruction (Prov 14:12, Col 3:5-6, Ps 1:1-6, Rom 6:23).

For my own good, I have decided to focus on Him. God is the only one qualified enough to take centre stage in my life, anything/one else will lead to my destruction. His plans for you are for your own good, He is FOR you, never forget that (Ps 84:11, Jer 29:11-12, James 1:2-4,) .

Who/what are the idols in your life? Are they worth your destruction? Come on, let’s CLEAR THE STAGE…AGAIN!


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