Get’cha Godly Fix

  • Guys have you ever been to a youth camp and feel totally energized?
  • Ever attended a concert and at the end you can’t wait to tell other people about Him so that they may share your joy?           

OK, fast-forward to a few weeks or months later and your raging fire becomes a tiny flame. You wonder, where has that drive gone? Your fire for God becomes almost nonexistent. Well, it is quite likely that you have become complacent, the Bible has become just a big book on the side and the other happenings in your life seem more important.

          I was at that place for most of my first year of university; assignments had to be done, studying needed to be done and I of course had to find time to hang out with friends, I mean that is university life, right? That’s the life you see on TV and read about in books. We are told to enjoy our freedom, now we see less of our parents, we are in control, we make the rules, so now life will be awesome, right? Ha Ha WRONG!!!!!

         I mean it was good at first because I felt as if I had everything under control; God, school, friends, everything. That was until I started to push God to the back of my life. I spent less time reading my Bible and more time hanging out with friends plus I definitely needed to pass the expensive courses, so more time studying, less time with God. It was in this moment that I suddenly felt everything crashing down on me; my life was spinning out of control. As a result, my grades started falling, I started to feel distant from my friends and even my family, and everything was stripped away from me. This lasted until first semester exams and needless to say I failed a course; Oh, but not just any course, my major, and with that fail  I really had nothing to study at university and my future seemed, mmmm…yeah…it felt like I had no future. Mentally I was preparing myself for a life of eating out rubbish bins to survive.   

        However a few encouraging words helped, I felt God speak. He made me aware of the fact that when I get distracted from Him, He will easily remove the distractions from my life, so that He will once again be the most important thing in my life. Then it hit me, that’s why everything was going so wrong, I lost focus on God.    

       The next semester had its ups and downs but you can bet, I made sure God was there this time. Grades improved and I didn’t fail anything.

       The verse that spoke to me in this situation was Luke 9:23 which states “Then he said to the crowd, ‘If any of you wants to be my follower, you must put aside your selfish ambition, shoulder your cross daily, and follow me. If you try to keep your life for yourself, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for me, you will find true life.'”  Basically the verse is saying that we should never lose site of God and that we should live our lives for His glory, because if you do otherwise you will not find “true life”.

      Guys lets surrender our lives to God today, let’s make the aim of our existence be to please Him, I guarantee you, this is a move we definitely will not regret.

      To any non-Christian reading and puzzled as to why nothing seems to be going your way; well maybe it’s because God isn’t at the forefront. You may feel as if you are bouncing around with no aim, this is because you haven’t found your purpose in life. Accept the Lord for He is the only being that can help you and will ALWAYS be there for you. Gospel duo Mary Mary sings about Christ being a Super friend, He really is and He can console and rebuild a life that seems as if it is heading for destruction.

This post was written by our special guest blogger Twyla Allen. She is a 22 year old island girl who is growing each day in her walk with Christ. She is greatly admired by her peers (including me) for her honesty, uniqueness and wisdom. Thanks a billion Twyla! 🙂


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